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Title: Semiotics Analysis on Advertisement Pond's Facial Foam in “Gadis” Magazine
Authors: Tri Wahyudi, Nuriya
Keywords: Semiotic
Verbal and Nonverbal Signs
Issue Date: 15-Dec-2012
Abstract: Humans interaction with other people requires a communication tool in order to understand each other about something, one of which is a sign. So the sign can be interpreted correctly and appropriately, then the every person has its own meaning and interpretation of the course with a variety of reasons behind it. Scientific sign will require the same concept so that there is no misunderstanding. But in fact sign was not always understood correctly and equally among the people. That discusses signs called semiotics (the study of signs). The reason of writer chooses to analyze on advertisement kinds of Pond’s Facial Foam in “Gadis” magazine, because in advertisement they have signs that refers to language and Illustration, and verbal and nonverbal signs are other forms of language and illustration. And the aim of the research is to describe about the relationship between Language and Illustration (image) of the text, and analyze signs of verbal and non-verbal semiotic terms of Advertisement Pond’s Facial Foam in “Gadis” magazine. While method of research is a descriptive qualitative of semiotic analysis, which only describe and analyze data via text or language, images and signs that referred to verbal and non- verbal elements, and then connected to the theory of analytic Charles Sanders Pierce, as it relates to the significance of the semiosis contained in a pragmatic theory of semiotics Pierce. And the result of research are the relationship between language and illustration in advertisement can be related to each other, when the language or words are the main messages, and pictures or illustrations serve to draw attention to explain a concept, or as additional information about the ideas in the text. And then when the picture or illustration is a primary message, language or words contribute to explain the significance of some of the ideas visible, and create an atmosphere for adding information to understand the idea in the context of a picture or illustration. And the verbal and non-verbal signs are another form of language and illustration, and the process of interpretation on the ad called semiosis. Verbal sign is the sign language in the form of words or language that we know.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/5387
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